As of 1 July 2017, the Standards Australia has mandated that all PV solar systems 30kVA and greater must install secondary protection relays and comply with the standards outlined in AS/NZS 4777:2015. Responsibility is placed on the owner of the PV solar system to comply with the new protection requirements. Duty of care falls with solar companies and installers to carry out secondary protection injection testing for their customers to ensure their secondary protection relays are functioning to meet their obligations to distributors so they can stay connected.


We supply agricultural, pastoral and urban communities with low maintenance pumps that use free, renewable solar energy. All Energy Solutions specialise in supplying complete solar livestock watering systems as well as large scale solar irrigation systems. Our clients include some of Australia’s largest and most prominent livestock producers and broadacre cropping irrigators, as well as the family farmer.

LORENTZ Solar Water Pumps deliver water to people, livestock and crops using the power of the sun.

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